Our people

The Pelorus Mail Boat has a dedicated, hardworking crew who are passionate about being of service to the locals, introducing visitors to the remote parts of the Pelorus Sound/Te Hoiere and preserving the stunning local environment.

Jumping dolphin spotted from the Pelorus Mail Boat.

A comfortable ship, a calm fine day, beautiful scenery, Dolphin, penguins, seals (one gave us a lesson on how to eat a fish), Sting Rays, King Shags, Spotted Shags, Royal Spoon Bills and a whole lot of other birds. Salmon farms, mussel farms, old beef, sheep and dairy farms, homes, holiday houses, lodges, Airbnb’s, campgrounds, walking tracks, ship recycling bays, old boats, new boats and dynamite!

All of this was tied together by Bindy & Levon’s excellent commentary. No plastic voice, cue card story here. Bindy’s local knowledge and enthusiasm was refreshing, informative & entertaining. Thank you for a memorable day.

Steven - TripAdvisor, July 2020