This is Peter and Elena Milne, Peter is an ex-farmer from the North Island, he moved to Kapati Coast where is was in real estate for a while. Lena comes from Ukraine. Until Covid they would escape the New Zealand winters for European summers, spending their time between the two countries.

Peter and Elena are regulars on our Mail service, we are a big help to them as they both have businesses that rely on the Mail to be delivered and sent. They previously owned a fashion shop in Blenheim called Euro-Fashion. But they decided to move to the Pelorus Sounds where they have been for the past 20 years. They live in a little area not far from Havelock called Black Point, which is boat access only. However, only a short 15-minute boat ride to Havelock.

Peter is a keen hunter and imports optics and clothing from Russia and Ukraine and sells them through his website or via Facebook. Unfortunately, some of the business is up in the air due to the ongoing conflict in Russia.

Elena is very talented knitter and knits clothing from Merino and imported Alpaca, Angora, Mohair, every item is a unique one off and hand knitted and usually takes her 5-8 days to complete, and it is knitted upon request from the customer. The material she uses is top of the line, her customers have a range of colour, design and sizing choices. She also sells her items via Facebook.


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