A 5th generation family to farm the Pelorus Sound...

Introducing Kelly and Trevor Foote, the Foote family are a big name out here in the Sounds, they are 5th Generation farmers and live in Wilson Bay, Pelorus Sound. The Footes have approximately 1700 acres, and 1000 sheep. Trevor was raised on the farm in Wilson Bay, and Kelly is from Wanganui, they have raised 2 kids remotely, and up until the end of year 8, they were home-schooled (usually consisting of more farm work than schoolwork) and for the remainder of their senior years at school they were sent to boarding school in Nelson.

Farming in the sounds has many difficulties, the land is quite steep and difficult to access, so mustering can be a bit of a nightmare, thankfully that’s when 2 teenage kids were utilised, they used Garreth and Caitlyn to roll the biggest rocks they can find down the side of the hill, while sending there dogs to work. Once mustered, Trevor and Kelly do all there own shearing work. Of course, there are no roads out here, so everything must come in and out by barge.

As well as no roads, there is no mains electricity either, electricity is mostly generated through hydro-electric. With a generator being used in the mornings and at night.

Because running a farm doesn’t keep them busy enough, Kelly and Trevor also run accommodation on the property, which is popular in the summertime, they have even had the same family visiting them every year for the last 14 years.

In the Summer months, on certain days you may find we stop here on the Mail Cruise, Kelly and Trevor often give you a bit of insight into life in the sounds, all while showing off there rich family history littered through there woolshed.